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An Open Letter to the OPNX Community

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Shared by Leslie • April 03, 2023

Dear OPNX Community,

To all those who have suffered from last year's crypto market crash, I want you to know that I share your pain firsthand and that your problems and painpoints are my focus here at OPNX. We are building this for you, the creditors of crypto's bankruptcies and the victims of crypto's failures.

Last year, the beautiful promise of crypto — transparency and financial sovereignty — was sadly lost. The industry strayed far away from the fundamental principles that underpin crypto, opting instead for unnecessary risk and adopting the worst aspects of traditional finance.

These choices led to the collapse of chains, centralized exchanges, and massive projects — leaving over 20 million claimants unable to access the funds they urgently needed across FTX, Celsius, and other bankrupt platforms. The human impact has been immeasurable, and the setback to crypto adoption is immense.

Rest assured that despite this, our belief in crypto remains unwavering. We believe there's a unique opportunity in crypto right now to have the greatest impact – when there are the fewest builders, the most pain, and the most capacity to build a stronger foundation for a new financial future, bringing relief to those affected by the events of the last year and fostering industry-wide progress.

Our vision for OPNX is radical transparency and accessibility to all asset classes with fair pricing on public orderbooks.

We will rectify past mistakes and ensure equal opportunity for all, prioritizing those most in need: the millions of claimants faced with multi-year waits and desperate for their trapped funds. We are committed to making things right for them. With your support, we will build a platform that empowers ordinary people to regain control of their financial lives.

Thank you for your trust in our team. Together, we can create something transformative and leave a lasting impact on the industry. We stand with you, ready to rebuild and move forward.

With optimism and determination,

Leslie Lamb

CEO, Open Exchange